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Fire & Pine Wood Wall Maps

Heirloom Quality Wood Engraved Wall Map Art and Decor

Discover the perfect centerpiece with Fire & Pine's handcrafted wooden maps. These bespoke wall art pieces, expertly carved from high-quality pine, bring a touch of elegance to any interior. Ideal for home decor enthusiasts, our engraved maps are not just art, but a storytelling canvas that captures the essence of your favorite cities, landscapes, and destinations. With options to personalize and customize, these maps make for unique gifts or a special addition to your own collection. Our detailed, artisanal approach ensures each map is a distinct work of art, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Elevate your living space with Fire & Pine's wooden maps, a testament to artistic precision and timeless beauty.

A timeless design that lasts through every journey.

Home and office decor is often tied to our personal preferences and experiences. Wall map decor gives your space a sense of place. Whether it’s the city you met and fell in love, the state you call home or a favorite vacation spot, Fire & Pine’s intricately engraved wood map artwork will tie any room together.

Original Wooden Map Artwork Made in the U.S.A.

As a handmade piece of artwork, Fire & Pine’s wood wall map home and office decor has a unique wood grain, tone and potential knots that give it distinctive qualities.Fire & Pine woodworking artisans handle each piece of natural, untreated pine wood through a unique, one-of-a-kind burnt wood process. Each piece of wood is milled, ripped, sanded and joined by skilled craftsmen in Ridgeland, South Carolina.

The laser-cut wood wall map artwork is made to order from more than 100,000 different variations of artwork based on design, color and size.

Fire & Pine’s Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s important for all of us at Fire & Pine to respect the beautiful trees that clean our air and allow us to have a thriving business. To honor our trees, we only use ethically sourced wood from the United States. Additionally, we implement environmentally safe waterborne sealers and color paint coatings on each piece.