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Care Instructions for Your Fire & Pine Product

Technically speaking, yes. You can hang your beautiful new artwork on the roof of your car if you would like! However, I would recommend against it. Since our artwork is made from solid Eastern White Pine, exposure to the elements such as direct sunlight, rain, temperature change, high humidity, or your in-laws may cause bowing, warping, cupping, tannin bleed, and other industry specific terms. In short, Always keep your artwork in a dry and stable environment, out of the elements, and away from direct sunlight and heating and cooling vents.
No, don’t do that. Although the hanging hardware applied to each piece of artwork is rated for a heaver load than the artwork itself, it is not intended to be carried by the hardware and may cause it to break. That would be bad.
That’s not a question, but I am here to help! If the artwork gets dirty and needs cleaned, gently wipe clean the dirty area with a slightly damp cloth and be sure to dry it after. Avoid harsh chemicals. Some details in the artwork may be very fragile so be extremely careful when cleaning.

There are many creative ways to display your new Fire and Pine artwork:

  • use a beautiful easel,
  • have your annoying nephew hold it in front of his face,
  • or do what most find to be easy and attractive and hang it on the wall.

In order to safely hang our artwork on the wall, we recommend securing a screw or a picture hanger directly into a stud. If no stud is available (sorry ladies) we recommend using heavy duty drywall anchors rated for the weight of your piece.