Sustainability Promise

At Fire & Pine, we see art in everything β€” even in sustainability.Β 

As a pioneer in the eco-conscious art e-commerce space, we're redefining what it means to create art by consciously choosing to print on pine wood, a material that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the artwork but also reflects our commitment to the environment.


"Sustainability isn't just a trend at Fire & Pine, it's our way of life. Every decision we make, every product we create, is rooted in our commitment to protect and nurture the environment. We're more than just an art e-commerce company; we're part of a global effort to create a sustainable future for all."

- Ryan Martz, Co-Founder and President

Our mission goes beyond providing exquisite, eco-friendly art pieces.Β split

We're invested in nurturing the environment that inspires our art, leveraging sustainable practices every step of the way. Our sister company, Fire & Pine, was the catalyst for a critical sustainability innovation: the acquisition of an evaporator to responsibly dispose of paint waste. This critical step has significantly reduced our environmental footprint and set a new standard for responsible artistry.


Continuing our journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral company, we made a significant investment in solar energy.

We harnessed a federal grant designed for rural areas to install solar panels at our facility. This initiative not only helps reduce our carbon emissions but also supports the broader goal ofΒ sustainable energy production.

Perhaps one of our most heartening initiatives is the commitment to give back more to the Earth than we take. For every tree we harvest, we donate to an organization that plants five trees worldwide.

We're proud to report that we have contributed 869 trees all over the world, including a concentration on Appalachia, for Forest Fire Recovery, in National Forests, Ontario, and wherever they're needed most. We have also donated to Biodiversity and Monarch Butterfly Restoration, ensuring that our artistic pursuits don't just leave a mark on wood, but also positively impact the global ecosystem.