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Contact Information:
Kat Duncan
Director of Marketing
Release Date:
May 18, 2023



Fire and Pine Founders Ignite Art World with Innovative Print and Pine Venture

Ridgeland, South Carolina, May 18, 2023 - The creative minds behind the esteemed Fire and Pine are thrilled to announce the birth of an artistic revolution: Print and Pine. This innovative endeavor brings classic, modern, and up-and-coming art to life, each piece meticulously printed with raised, layered ink on sustainably-sourced pine wood.

By delicately layering the ink, Print and Pine's technique lifts the artistic strokes off its canvas, creating a unique interactive experience that captures the dynamic essence of original brushwork. This innovative method allows art enthusiasts to not just view, but to physically engage with the artwork, feeling the depth and texture of each stroke.

"Our vision with Print and Pine is to evolve the relationship between viewer and artwork," said Ryan Martz, owner of both Fire and Pine, as well as Print and Pine. "We're not just reproducing these masterpieces; we're adding a new, tactile dimension that allows the viewer to explore and connect with the art in a more intimate way."

Another aspect that sets Print and Pine apart is the intrinsic beauty and natural grain of the pine wood itself. The distinctive grain patterns and texture add a unique character to each print, ensuring no two pieces are ever the same. This embraces the spirit of individuality and uniqueness, mirroring the singularity of every piece of art they showcase.

Print and Pine is not just a platform for well-known and beloved artworks; it's also a stage for emerging talent. As part of its mission, Print and Pine is partnering with up-and-coming artists, offering them a novel and interactive medium to express their creativity and reach a wider audience.

"This partnership will give talented artists the exposure they deserve, while enriching our collection with a diverse range of styles and perspectives," Martz added.

Print and Pine represents the next chapter in Fire and Pine's mission to intertwine creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Pine, a renewable resource, serves as the canvas for these exquisite pieces, underscoring the commitment to eco-friendly practices that defined Fire and Pine.

Print and Pine is ready to make its mark on the art world, reimagining the traditional art-viewing experience and pushing the boundaries of artistic interaction. Art lovers, collectors, and casual viewers alike are invited to engage with this innovative new format, to truly feel the art.



About Print and Pine: Print and Pine is an innovative venture from the founders of Fire and Pine. By printing classic, modern, and emerging art using raised, layered ink on pine wood, Print and Pine creates interactive experiences that breathe new life into every piece and invite viewers to engage with art on a tactile level.