Does A Map Make A Good Gift

Have A Map Lover In Your Life? Here is the Perfect Gift For Them

A feeling of panic washes over you every holiday season because there are people on your list that are challenging to buy for. Challenging? You might say impossible.

We are here to ease that angst. We have a solution for not only your holiday gift giving but for every occasion you can imagine. That’s right, you will never be at a loss for what to get someone for their anniversary, retirement, wedding, housewarming, or any other occasion.

Read on and you will see why custom wood wall maps are the best gift ever! All you have to do is give a little thought about the intended recipient and the rest will fall in place. After all, that’s what giving is about anyway, right? People love to receive gifts that are thoughtful, and we all love to give thoughtful gifts. So start thinking. Once you start, you will find there are a multitude of reasons for getting a loved one, friend, or business associate a custom designed map.

Need Some Inspiration? Here’s Some Of Our Previous Work

In addition to the 780+ maps that we carry in inventory, we create custom maps every week for the places most important to our customers’ lives. Here are a few favorites we have made recently. We hope they provide inspiration for personalized gifts for those most significant in your life. Our one-of-a-kind wood process ensures that you, the customer, will have a truly unique artwork that can’t be found anywhere else.

1. An engaged couple wanted a custom wood map of the world to use as their wedding guestbook. It will be a featured piece in their house forever.
2. We met a husband who wanted a custom map of Sun Valley, where he proposed to his wife.
3. We worked with a father who wanted a personalized map of Beaver Stadium (Penn State) with the seats marked where he and his son watched dozens of games together.
4. A mother wanted a map of her daughter’s college campus that she was attending. It made a great graduation gift and went into her first office.
5. A daughter wanted a custom map of where her dad grew up in Western Montana.
6. A runner wanted a personalized map to remember his first New York City Marathon.
7. We had a customer looking for a gift for a Miami Hurricane fan. He didn’t want the new stadium but the old Miami Orange Bowl where his friend grew up watching his team play.
8. We met a wife who wanted a custom map of the Baltusrol Country Club (NJ) golf course, her husband’s favorite.
9. We worked with a family who wanted a custom map of their farm in South Carolina.
10. A wife requested a map of an 8-day sailing race her husband completed in
11. We had a couple who wanted a map tracing a river cruise they had taken on the Rhine River.
12. We had a history buff that wanted a customized map of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Custom Maps Are A Special Gift

Custom wood maps are often our favorite to create as there is always a unique and interesting story behind each of them. They are given as gifts or fashioned for a customer’s personal enjoyment. Here are some ideas:


You can buy a toaster oven or you can buy customized art. Maybe a map of where they met, a first date, or the location of a favorite restaurant. This is a gift they can cherish forever. The toaster oven will eventually break.


Wow your partner with a custom-designed map showing all your favorite places. It could show the places you’ve lived, your favorite vacation spots, or where you met, got engaged, got married, or live now.

Mother’s Day

A map of your mom’s hometown or country. Maybe her favorite vacation spot. Or the places she has lived in her life. Or maybe where all of her kids and grandkids are living now.

Father’s Day

Dads can prove to be difficult to buy for, but just be a little creative. How about a map of his high school or first job? A fishing trip. A golf course. His favorite restaurant. You’ll be sure to surprise him and make an impression.

Sports Fans

Some games are more than games; they are deep-seated memories that live with us forever. Stadiums, indoor arenas, golf courses, race tracks (car, thoroughbreds), demolished venues, boat races, and running courses are just a fraction of the memories that can be preserved.

Baby Showers

Let’s be kid friendly and create a map of a child’s hometown or neighborhood in a kid’s graphic style. We can highlight the house, a park, a playground, or any noteworthy place of interest with some graphic icons.


A custom map is an ideal gift for a new home. Map their new city or do multiple maps on one board showing their present home and former home/apartment.


Retirement is a time to look back and look ahead. Create a map of previous residencies, job locations, where children were born. Possibly a map of a retirement community where the recipient is relocating. So many things that can make an amazing heartfelt gift.


College or High School campuses and sports stadiums/arenas are tailor-made gifts for high school or college graduates. No one wants to forget dear old State!


Highlight landmark achievements like marathons, triathlons, x-country skiing, or bike races with a custom map of a race course. If your friend ever ran Boston, a map of the course makes for the perfect gift.

Corporate Gifts and Interior Decorations

We can design custom maps of a company’s territories for a conference room or maps of their office sites that can decorate the walls of their headquarters. City maps of office locations are another option. A custom map can be given to customers and also utilized for employee commendations.

Wedding Parties

Do the unusual and present customs map to your wedding party. Create maps that are touching to each individual.


Custom maps are terrific for awarding prizes and recognizing accomplishments. Be inventive and create a map of a competition locale or a map of a city where a recipient lives. Better yet, a map of a location where an award ceremony is taking place. Depending on the setting and award, you should have no difficulty zeroing in on an appropriate, amazing, custom map.

Legacy Map

Celebrate the lives of those who have left us. Design a map displaying locations significant in their lives along with icons marking milestones. We can also create maps commemorating a tour of duty for a military individual.

When In Doubt Get The Best Gift Ever!

Yes, a custom designed map from Fire and Pine is the greatest gift ever. What gift is practical, romantic, inspiring, kid-friendly and a stunning piece of wall art? A custom made map from Fire and Pine in collaboration with you, the customer, can be all of those things.

Every home or office needs a personalized map. We look forward to working with you to create a meaningful and moving piece of personalized art.

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